How Salesforce Integration with RFP Software
Unified a Team

Alison Moeller was tasked with improving her team’s RFP response process, and she knew finding RFP software that integrated with Salesforce CRM was critical. When the Accolade team isn’t interacting with prospects and customers, they turn to Salesforce for information so a strong integration was key to successful user adoption.

Leverage Historical Information

Without a central location for their growing number of RFP responses, Accolade lost hours combing through complex RFPs and spreadsheets to find relevant information and possible answers for every new response.


“Organizations with a data silo problem are able to deliver information to users within the decision window only 55% of the time.” - Aberdeen Group


After implementing RFPIO, Accolade realized they had over 600 question and response pairings in their answer library - a resource previously unusable. Over 60% of RFPIO’s customers have a similar amount of historical data, and nearly all are losing time trying to use this could-be valuable information. Centralizing past responses allows teams to deliver best-in-class responses to proposals and security questionnaires.  

Streamline Opportunity Management

Automatically plugging RFP response data directly into Accolade’s CRM saved even more time and resulted in better collaboration across the board.


“Among teams who cite ineffective internal processes as their top challenge, 45% point to excessive administrative tasks as the primary cause.” - Salesforce State of Sales Report

RFPIO’s Salesforce integration gave Alison’s team the visibility they needed to track opportunities involving an RFP response with their other opportunity level as they continued to grow. The team used RFPIO’s executive dashboard to track next steps for all active RFP responses. At a glance, the sales and management teams could now track all sales together.

Lead with Business Intelligence

Being a data-driven organization, Accolade longed to analyze the performance of their RFP responses and optimize them for future success.

“If organizations can capture even a fraction of the available data, and then mine it for relevant information, then they may find themselves with an advantage over other, less data-minded competitors.” - Salesforce Analytics


Accolade could finally perform win-loss analysis on every RFI and RFP response. Discussions with their sales ops team uncovered actionable insight and lead to overall improvement in teamwork and efficiency. Just three months after Accolade first onboarded with RFPIO, they could respond to complex RFPs, RFIs, and questionnaires in half the time with smarter solutions. This allowed both teams to focus more on the business process and continue to deliver insights—straight from Salesforce.

Alison gained insights to help her team win more deals, you can too.
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What Our Client Says
Alison Moeller
Partner & Sales Enablement, Accolade, Inc.
“RFPIO’s Salesforce integration is helping our business be more efficient and organized with RFPs and RFIs. We can easily view insights and progress with every RFP right from Salesforce. Our team is very big on data, and the new project custom fields have been really helpful for reporting to management. Cutting our RFP completion time in half has allowed us to focus more on process and data as a whole.” – Alison Moeller, Accolade
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