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a Team's Effectiveness

How RFP Software Doubled a Sales Team’s Effectiveness

An inefficient RFP response process became a realization for Matt Hempel, Business Development Capture Manager at REAN Cloud. After taking the often difficult first step of recognizing a long-standing inefficiency with internal processes, he began searching for an RFP management solution that would simplify their entire response approach and improve productivity.

Manual RFP Response Process Hinders a Team’s Potential

In small businesses the lines are frequently blurred in job roles and functions. A manual proposal management system will quickly frustrate internal teams trying to collaborate during their hectic schedules.

From solutions architects to salespeople, Matt’s team worked with existing documents, resources, and content repositories to create responses for RFPs and SOWs—which had very different objectives, sequencing, and output. Trying to piece together relevant responses through these varied sources was a shared pain that spanned multiple departments.

A Content Repository Becomes the Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Using RFPIO, Matt’s team had the necessary building blocks to efficiently respond to RFPs and SOWs. While compiling responses, the content repository proved to be a valuable piece that was missing from their puzzling process.

Having all of the relevant content in one place—with the ability to search by keyword or select a quick answer with the auto-respond feature—helped REAN Cloud identify the exact snippet for a particular section or response within minutes.

Time and Resources Spent on RFPs and SOWs Are Cut in Half

Immediately after Matt and his team adopted RFPIO, they were able to experience considerable improvements in productivity. Companywide, they spent 50% less time and resources to compile and respond to RFPs and SOWs. Within that shorter period of time, they now had the capability to deliver a higher quality product than before. 

Matt’s RFP struggle with a manual process is a common story among businesses today. The happy ending leads to the important step of recognizing a problem, then to the evaluation of the larger benefits associated with investing in a tool that can help.

Matt’s team greatly improved productivity, yours can too.
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What Our Client Says
Matt Hempel
REAN Cloud
“RFPIO gave us the building blocks we needed to cut the time and resources we were spending on RFPs and SOWs in half. The intelligence of the tool and the content repository at our fingertips were very helpful for making considerable improvements in our overall productivity. – Matt Hempel, REAN Cloud.
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