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How RFP Automation Empowered a Team in Two Days

Lauren Minter of Zapproved’s Product Team came face to face with the skyrocketing time investment her company was making to respond to RFPs, RFIs, and security questionnaires. She knew there had to be a better way, a swift solution that removed unnecessary frustration, adding a more seamless experience to make their work lives easier.

Too Many Hours on RFPs Turns Into a Costly Investment

As the dedicated point person for sales proposals, Lauren found it increasingly difficult to complete her other work. She was simply spending too much time managing their RFP process, which involved highly technical answers that couldn’t be remembered or repeated on a whim. And, Lauren wasn’t the only one.

The required hours of the Zapproved team for RFP response collaboration were adding up quickly. Not being able to find the most current or correct answers, not having a good way to track cross-departmental efforts, searching endlessly for answers in Google Drive until giving up and redoing the work—this was the norm.

New User Meets a Deadline From the Middle of Nowhere

Protecting the time of both the Zapproved team and executives were a top priority for Lauren. With RFPIO, they were able to replace searching through countless open Google Drive tabs with an answer library. The library housed a repository they could access and update regularly, a key component for technical answers with a short shelf life of 2-3 months.

Having no ramp-up time to implement the tool was an unbeatable perk when Lauren was out of town on a rafting trip, and she noticed an email about an RFP with a tight deadline right before losing cell service. Immediately she was able to grant access to another team member who had never used RFPIO before, empowering them from a remote location to submit the RFP in time.

A Stronger End Product with Closing Potential

Now with RFPIO, Lauren and her team—including the executives—are spending one-third of the time responding to RFPs, RFIs, and security questionnaires. Because they no longer have to rush the process, technical answers are more accurate, increasing their close rate opportunities with a stronger end product.

Lauren’s RFP response hassle with wasted hours and internal frustrations can happen to anybody. Knowing the inefficiencies firsthand, no matter your role, is enough to merit a solution that can make a difference at your company.

Lauren's team became stronger and more effective, yours can too.
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What Our Client Says
Lauren Minter Zapproved
Lauren Minter
Customer Success Manager, Zapproved
“The value with RFPIO was clear upfront. There was no ramp-up time, so our team was able to put the tool into action in less than two days. There were no more repetitive tasks or endless searching through Google Drive — everybody loved it." -Lauren Minter, Zapproved
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